The Emergency loan is provided to the clients in emergency circumstances such fire, accident, hospitalization and death/funeral and other crisis situation. The amount is small and is given in time of dire need. 

Register as a member of RENEW Microfinance:

  • Step One: Briefing from Loan Officer or Branch Officer
  • Step Two: Open a Savings Account

Documents Required for Registration

  • Passport Size Photo of the applicant (2 copies)
  • ID Photocopy of the applicant
  • Health Card Photocopy (for minors)
  • ID Card Photocopy of Nominee

Documents Required for Loan Registration

  • ID Card Photocopy of the applicant
  • ID Card Photocopy of the Guarantor
  • 2 Legal Stamps
  • Budgeting Book must be fully filled up

Conditions for Loan Registration

  • Register at least a month before to avail a loan
  • Fill up a loan form (will be done by the loan officer)
  • Guarantor must be an income earner

Interest Rate: 24%