Loans, as an essential product of microfinance, are one basis for entrepreneurship. Field and branch officer might also educate the community to take up small scale industries.

Types of Loans

Agriculture Loan

The Agriculture Loan seeks to assist the clients to implement agriculture and agriculture related business like livestock raising and farming. 

Business Loan

The Business Loan is to assist the clients to help startup small business or expand the existing business. This includes the loan for production, trading, services and diversification of income.

Emergency Loan

The Emergency loan is provided to the clients in emergency circumstances such fire, accident, hospitalization and death/funeral and other crisis situation. The amount is small and is given in time of dire need. 

Multipurpose Loan

The Multipurpose Loan intends to assist the clients by providing finance for sending their children to school, meeting school fees and investing in their own house.

Power Tiller Loan

The power tiller loan is a special collaboration with Karma One Stop Shop: The clients repay the monthly installment to RENEW Microfinance.

Rural Development (RD) Loan

This credit facility is offered to micro and small businesses for their long-term working capital,
growth, or expansion needs.