The Business Loan is to assist the clients to help startup small business or expand the existing business. This includes the loan for production, trading, services and diversification of income.

Register as a member of RENEW Microfinance

  • Step One: Briefing from Loan Officer or Branch Officer
  • Step Two: Open a Savings Account

Documents Required for Registration

  • Passport Size Photo of the applicant (2 copies)
  • ID Photocopy of the applicant
  • Health Card Photocopy (for minors)
  • ID Card Photocopy of Nominee

Documents Required for Loan Registration

  • ID Card Photocopy of the applicant
  • ID Card Photocopy of the Guarantor
  • 2 Legal Stamps
  • Budgeting Book must be fully filled up

Conditions for Loan Registration

  • Register at least a month before to avail a loan
  • Fill up a loan form (will be done by the loan officer)
  • Guarantor must be an income earner

Interest Rate: 24%