Deo Maya Tamang 42, from Gozhi Gewog under Dagana Dzongkhag is a happily married woman with two children. She has a small general shop in Dagapela right below the highway. In the year 2016, she had heard about RENEW Microfinance for the first time from her friends. She immediately became a member. At that time RENEW Microfinance had just started disbursing a loan services in Dagana Dzongkhag.  She was one of the first members from Dagana Branch to avail a business loan for her general shop. Her business went well and she was able to repay the loan. She plans to open a new hardware enterprise in Dagapela town in the future.

Message from Deo Maya Tamang: “If you want to run a successful business don’t be afraid, you just have to start and RENEW Microfinance Private Limited is there to support you”