RENEW Microfinance is proud to announce a logo competition to observe World Savings Day on 31 October this year.

The competition is open to everyone, but contestants are limited to only one entry. The winning entry will receive Nu 7000 in cash prize and will be used on all World Savings Day materials.

Entries must reflect all the required design elements of RENEW Microfinance Private Limited. You will find these requirements on our website at

Entries must be sent in as a JPG or PNG image with a design story of no more than 50 words. All entries must also have .ai, .psd, .svg, or .sketch files as we will need them in case you win.

We will post all entries on our Facebook and Instagram pages between 21 – 23 July. The number of engagements (likes + shares) an entry receives will count towards its score.

Entries will be judged based on Aesthetic Appeal (30%), Relevance to the theme (i.e. Savings) (40%), and social media engagements (30%).

You can submit your entries to between 14 – 21 July.

If you have any questions, please call +975 17506062


Please make sure you remember the following three things:

For requirements:

1. A design that works well with RENEW Microfinance’s logo – our logo colours are #0090ff and #e10000

2. The logo must be related to saving (financial and money).

3. The logo must have some Bhutanese-ness to it.