RENEW MFPL/HRA/2023/                                                                                       April 3, 2023 

Selected Candidate 

RENEW Microfinance Pvt Ltd. is pleased to announce the selected candidate for the post of Loan Officer.  

             Selected Candidate for the post of an Loan Officer 
Sl.NoFull NameCID NumberRemarks
1Som Raj Subba10305001803Selected
2Simon GurungDhaDCRC-28)2022/024974Selected
3Nidup Tshering10203000189Selected
4Sonam Tshomo11703000915Selected
5Bhim Bdr SubbaDHA(DCRC-28)2020/025113Not Selected
6Kiran Sharma11216005999Not Selected
7Ugyen Tshomo10505000294Not Selected
8Sangay Wangzom11701002862Not Selected
9Tshewang Jamtsho10907002477Not Selected
10Sangay Zam10204001292Not Selected
11Amir Mongar11308005549Not Selected
12Jit Bahadur Subba11808000060Not Selected
13Karma12007003922Not Selected
14Bal Bahadur Ghalley11208001012Not Selected
15Durga Maya Gurung11201004506Not Selected
16Ugyen Tshering11302003162Not Selected
17Naw Raj Rai10307001451Not Selected
18Pema Lethro11914001050Not Selected
19Tandin Wangchuk11912000268Not Selected

 If you have any queries, please contact Tshering Choden, HR at #17884148 or mail at