RENEW Microfinance Pvt. Ltd. would like to announce the interview schedule of the shortlisted candidates for the post of Human Resource Officer. Please note the date and time as follows:

13/11/2022 (Thursday)Sonam Tshering10:00AM
2 Kinzang Choden10:30AM
3 Lhendup Dorji11:00AM
4 Drishya Sharma11:30AM
5 Sonam Wangchuk 2:00PM
6 Thuji Zangmo3:00PM
14/11/2022 (Friday)Yeshi Jamtsho 10:00AM
2 Jigmed Choden 10:30AM
3 Kelzang Nima11:00AM
4 Namgay Zam11:30AM
5 Tshering Wangdi2:00PM
6 Sonam Yuden3:00PM

Should you have any queries please contact #77234659 (HR) or mail us at