RENEW Microfinance Pvt. Ltd. would like to announce the interview schedule of the shortlisted candidates for the post of Loan Officer. All interviews shall be held online and the link will be sent to your respective email IDs. Please note your time as follows: 

Sl.No.Full NameTimeDate
1Leki Wangchuk10:30 AM10/10/2022
2Bhim Bdr. Subba 11:00 AM 
3Hemlal Acharja11:30 AM 
4Pema Dorji12:00 PM 
5Puja Maya Rana 2:00 PM 
6Sangay Lhamo2:30 PM 
7Samten Dema3:00 PM 
8Sonam dema3:30 PM 
9Damchoe Dema4:00 PM 
Sl.No.Full NameTimeDate
10Tshering Pelden10:30 AM11/10/2022
11Deki Peldon11:00 AM 
12Phuntsho Wangdi 11:30 AM 
13Choki Wangmo 12:00 PM 
14Tashi kinchap2:00 PM 
15Tenzin Phuntsho2:30 PM 
16Sonam Phuntsho3:00 PM 
17Leki Norbu3:30 PM 
18Kezang jamtsho4:00 PM 

Should you have any queries please contact #77234659 (HR).