Sonam Tshomo, a 37 years old woman resides in Thimphu with her husband and her three children. She is from Pemathang, Samdrup Jongkhar.
Sonam is having a decent life here in Thimphu with her own family, but back in her village she has her old parents and younger siblings who are not financially sound. Sonam, being the eldest was determined to create a better life for family. She thought of renovating the small house in her village which wasn’t in a very good condition but realized that she was not financially stable herself to help her family.
In the midst of all these situational challenges, she heard about RENEW Microfinance from one of her relatives in the March of 2018 and decided to join the organization immediately.
She says that she could avail the loan from the organization without any hassles or complicated documentations, which she used for helping her family. With the positive outcome, she continued with the 2nd cycle which she invested in her children’s school expenses and purchase of materials for her weaving business as well. Currently she is in her 3th cycle of the loan. She wishes to take more loans and complete the house renovation as soon as possible. Sonam continues to fight for her dream of a better future for her family.