Mrs. Phub Dema is a farmer from Tshephu, Punakha Dzongkhag who is supporting her family to lead a better life. She sells different types of local rice which she grows herself.  Mrs. Phub started saving with RENEW Microfinance in 2017. Earlier she only used to save with RENEW MFI but in the year 2018 she decided to avail the loan. Mrs. Phub applied a loan amount of Nu.20,000 and with the money she received she bought a Rice Milling machine .She decided to buy a rice mill because she had to carry bags of rice and had to go to her friends/relatives’ houses just to grind the rice which was a challenging task as well as time consuming. But after owing a Rice Mill she claims that it has enabled her to speed up the rice production with better quality of rice. Sales improved and brought in more revenues for her and her family. She is happy with the returns of her investment and appreciates the support offered by RENEW Microfinance.