Pema Zangmo is from Gongthung, under Yangnyer Gewog, Trashigang Dzongkhag. Her journey to become a successful entrepreneur hasn’t been an easy one. Her father passed away when she was young, then after she could not continue with her studies. She was in her mid-20’s when she got married. Her husband left her after having four children and she had to take on the entire responsibilities and the hardships of raising four children.
Since she was financially dependent on her husband, she had a difficult time as she found herself as the sole provider for her family. Also living in a remote rural area meant that employment opportunities for her was very limited. At times she was very disheartened as not even her sibling rendered any help. However being smart and a brave woman she decided to overcome all the unimaginable odds for her children
Firstly, she borrowed a small loan amount from BDBL and renovated her old home where she rented few rooms to the school teachers. Few years later, she heard about RENEW MFI. She then decided to apply for the loan to start up small general shop. She started selling a range of grocery items and her profit began to increase. She paid all her loans on time and right now she is on the 5th cycle of her loan. 
Pema is very thankful that she came across with RENEW MFPL without which she would not have been able to send her children to the school. She is glad that our loan is collateral free and we come to their doorstep for all the financial transactions. She also mentioned that RENEW Microfinance gave her courage to fight against all odds. 
Despite the heartache and the hardships of raising four children on her own, she has created a successful business others didn’t believe was possible. She now hopes to continue growing her business with the help of RENEW MFPL.