Norbu Choden had to drop out from class 11 in the year 2011 as her father got ill and couldn’t meet the school expenses. As the eldest, she took over the responsibility of looking after the family logging business as well as household expenses, education expenses of her brothers and sisters, and her father’s medical expenses.

In year 2013 she managed to get the logging contract from NRDCL. However, she gave the logging equipment on hire. She found that the income earned from hiring was lower than expenses and it was getting difficult to meet the growing expenses. One day while watching the BBS news, she came through the success coverage of poultry farming in Bhutan and she started planning to run a poultry farm. She tried availing loan from REDCL for the poultry business but it took time to get her loan approved. By then she had already started building the shelter/coop for the chickens and her work was delayed due to lack of funding.

She was visiting a friend who was running a salon in town, when a customer gave them information about RENEW Microfinance. Following that Norbu and her friend visited RENEW Microfinance to get more information. After being fully satisfied with the information they registered as members. A couple of months later she availed her first loan with which she bought the chicken. As starter she had a hard time meeting the expenses. Moreover, there was no income for the initial eight months as the chicken were in growing stage.

Her expenditure were doubled as her husband was studying in College of Science of Technology and she had to meet her husband’s education expenses too. She availed her second loan which she used for buying the feeds for hens. Once the chickens started to produce eggs her life started to get settable. She is able to earn a good income from the business and is running the poultry farm successfully.