Karma Wangmo, a 42 years old mother is from Kurtoe, Lhuntse. She has been residing in Thimphu for the past 15 years.
Although Thimphu is expensive and a tough city, Karma raised her two children on her own after her husband passed away when she was 22 years old. Life was difficult and she barely managed to survive and support her children selling scraps and weaving.
Karma joined RENEW Microfinance in 2014 in the hope to start up a business and to provide a comfortable life to her children who had to undergo hardships at a tender age. Karma now runs several successful business starting from selling scraps to weaving and also a clothing business.
As thought, her enterprising idea paid off well. She first availed an Emergency loan for her children’s education. After the successful repayment. She took more loan to invest in her start up business .With the help of that initial investment, Karma was able to earn some profit. Glad with that positive outcome she took another loan which was quite rewarding as well and currently she is in her 6th cycle of the loan. She said RENEW Microfinance has helped her to provide proper life and a good education not only to her two children but also her younger brother who studied in a private school.
She is extremely grateful to RENEW Microfinance that we could help her during her difficult times. She rose above the adversity. Now she hopes to take further loan and buy a car with her business income.