Gyam Lham was from an underprivileged family and she lost her mother when she was four years old. Her father didn’t support for her studies. Hence, at a very young age she started working under different restaurants. She had to support her younger brother through his schooling so as to spare him of the fate she faced. While she was working in one of the hotels in Thimphu she met her husband. After her marriage she started a small shop. In few years she upgraded the shop to a restaurant.

Her good times didn’t last for long.  Soon after she give birth to her third child, her husband had an accident and was paralyzed. She did whatever she could for his medical treatment. She even took her husband abroad for further treatment but his health failed to improve. She then started running her restaurant again as it was the only source of income for the family. She had a hard time meeting all the expenses of her family inclusive of rent for their home and business, medical bills and education expenses.

To add to her problems, she had to vacate her restaurant as the building owner had already promised the space to someone.  She was devastated by her situation, nonetheless she kept her hope. She tried looking for another restaurant space. After several months she found a space and reopened her restaurant but she didn’t have the required finances. 

She came to know about RENEW-Microfinance program through her friend, who was a member of the institution. Along with her friend she came to RENEW-Microfinance to get more information. Being satisfied with the products and services, she became a member. Till date she has availed five loans which were being used as working capital for her business.