Global Money Week (GMW) was inspired by International Aflatoun Day that was initiated by Aflatoun International on 17 March 2011. Aflatoun International is the organization from which Child & Youth Finance International was born. Renew Microfinance provides financial Literacy, savings and loans for those who do not have access to conventional or formal banking and related services. WE encourage people to save little of what they earn. This year as one of our events for GLOBAL MONEY WEEK, on 25th of March 2019, RENEW Microfinance also celebrated Entrepreneurship day collaborated with Global Money Week in Tsirang, Bhutan. The event was organized in Tsirang as the Dzongkhang is well known for its agricultural products. We collaborated with BAFRA and Environmental officials of Tsirang district. The main objective of the event was to educate our clients on the rules and regulations that would help them to learn, save and earn in their businesses successfully while abiding by the prevalent laws.