Like many other low income farmers, Mrs.Dorji Zam, a 45 years old lives with her husband and children in Nobugang Gewog, Punakha.
As her three children grew up, the couple realized that being dependent only on the earnings from their farm was not enough to cover expenses. With that mindset, she decided to avail loan from RENEW Microfinance and start up a small business. She availed the loan few months after becoming a member in 2017. As planned the couple set up a small canteen in the Dzongkhag office. However, the profit which they initially earned from the canteen was just enough for them to stock up the grocery and to meet few personal expenses.
And time came when she had to send her first child to the college as he did not qualify for the government college. Although, she did not have enough money to fund her son privately, it was her dream to educate her children. Therefore, she availed the 2nd cycle for her child’s further education.
With a good repayment history she once again applied for the 3rd cycle of the loan as she was looking forward to sending her second child to the college as well, be it self-funded. She said even though it looked difficult RENEW Microfinance has made it possible for her to accomplish her dreams and she is very proud that she could give good education to her children and pave a successful path for them in life.