Life as she recalls has always been tough. At a young age of 12, she started weaving and helping her mother. Her parents couldn’t enroll her in school because of financial problems. She was married at 14 and her life finally seemed brighter but her marriage failed after giving birth to two children. She kept on weaving; the only skill she’s best at to make ends meets. Two years after her separation and much struggle, she met her present husband. They bought a second hand taxi by borrowing money from some local lenders to boost their income.

She had caesarean delivery for her third child, which made it impossible for her to weave which requires physical strength and long hours of dedication. Her husband couldn’t work as well as he had to look after her and there was a time when they were in debt.

It was at that time that she crossed paths with RENEW Microfinance Private Ltd. She became a member of RENEW Microfinance and availed her first loan of Nu. 40,000. Until then she had no idea of what a loan is or the procedures for availing it. She got all the financial knowledge after becoming a member. Since she was still recovering, she used the money to contract out weaving to others and making profit from the sale of the garments. Her weaving business flourished and her garments were demanded by the royal members too. She was planning to open a shop for the woven garments, when a friend talked her into becoming a furniture agent. She needed substantial fund, so she availed more loan from RENEW and other financial institutions. She has been running her furniture business for a year alongside her weaving business. Her weaving business is solely run from the RENEW funding.

She said RENEW Microfinance is the only institution which helped women like herself with only trust as collateral. She is proud about her achievements so far.